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Machinery, systems and accessories

Machinery, systems and accessories for laundry, dry-cleaning, drying, ironing, folding, conveying, packaging and others

Chemicals and consumables

Chemicals and consumables for laundry, dry-cleaning, stain removing, dyeing, disinfecting and others

Energy saving and environmental protection

Machinery, technology and products for environmental monitoring, water treatment, recycling, energy saving of boilers and streamer, environmental friendly laundry and others

Digital & Intelligent solutions

Laundry management software, factory automation management system, self-served  terminal systems and products systems and terminal products, intelligent system, RFID technology and solutions, etc.

Leather care products

Washing and caring technology, equipment, tools and chemicals for leather products and shoes

Cleaning machinery, tools and chemicals

Machinery, devices, aids and chemicals for the cleaning of carpets, floor coverings, upholstery and buildings

Rental services

Rental services for public textile,equipment and accessories

Other related services

Laundry factory design and construction services, laundry or leather care chain store and franchise services, logistics, training, associations, media, services and others